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Portland Harbour is one of the best, and safest flat water kite surf spots in the UK .

Although the prevailing South Westerly winds blow off shore, it is a clean wind that comes from across the ocean and is accelerated down Chesil beach.

This off shore wind creates some of the flattest conditions you will find anywhere. Plus at low tide, you have knee deep water for half a mile out into the harbour. This makes kite boarding in Portland Harbour very safe.

Kite Rescue

However, off shore conditions bring there own set of dangers. The chances of you or your kit blowing out across the harbour, or the wind dropping off and leaving you stranded out of your depth, are very real.

We at Weymouth Watersports are perfectly situated to keep an eye out for any one that has found them in a position where they cannot get back in, or have lost their kit.

We have many years of kite surf experience and are well trained in kite retrieval, so have decided to provide a kite retrieval service.

If you are visiting Portland Harbour for the first time or are unsure and inexperienced in off shore conditions, give us a call, or send an email to book your kite retrieval service.

We can offer a whole weeks cover for £20, or for just one off occasions £10.

Perle Bleue
Wrinkles - problem solved!

Course Racing (light wind options)

Weymouth Watersports know how frustrating it can be, travelling a long way to go kite surfing and the wind is too light for your kit.

No worries, we have light wind machines for you to hire.

The sport of course racing is taking the kite surf world by storm but the boards used are great fun for just cruising when the wind is light.

So, if you want to try course racing but don’t know if you will like it enough to buy your own board, or just want to get out on very light wind, get hold of us and grab one of our boards .

£10 per hour

£30 half day

Speed Kite Surfing

Portland Harbour is one of the best Kite Surf speed venues in the UK.

Every year the Weymouth Speed Week is held here and the kite surfers are starting to make a serious challenge. Last year two local kiters took first and second overall, displacing some top, pro windsurfers.

One of the boards used in that event was made here in Weymouth by the now owner of Weymouth Watersports.

You have a problem with erection? Not only you!

This board has now been developed and refined and other designs have also been tweaked.

The custom production of our kite speed boards are by appointment only.

So, if you are after a speed board give me a call or drop me an email.

Kite surf Courses

Don’t forget, the only safe way to learn kite boarding, is to do a structured course.

We are very fortunate to share Portland Harbour with one of the UK ‘s leading Kite surf schools, Paracademy.

For any enquiries please contact them directly at